PT. PERFISIEN CHEMICAL INDONESIA is a chemicals distributor and supplier, serving for all industrial chemicals activity needed especially for Concrete Manufacture and Pulp & Paper Industry which based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our strategic goal is to always be one step ahead in terms of customer satisfaction by offering a set of innovative products focusing on customer needs.

By helping our customers particularly on getting the best performance of regular product supply at a competitive price and take the advantage of the best opportunities on the market, ensuring product availability, convenience and providing purchasing assistance, information and control.

Our Goal: Perfisien Chemical Indonesia wants to become a leading company for manufacture and supply chemicals in diverse industries by providing the best standard quality product

Our Vision: Perfisien Chemical Indonesia is become your best efficiency solution partner because we believe that offering the most convenient and efficient products to our customers, is the best way to achieve our vision to become reality.


The Founder

Founder of PT. PERFISIEN CHEMICAL INDONESIA is a strategic business professional, seasoned business visionary with an eye towards the quality of the products.


Innovative and quality of the products are controlled very well.

Servicing of Need

Understanding the industrial needs for an effective and efficient products can bring a great benefit to our customer.

Expanding Core Business

To strengthen and develop the business through diversification of products, as well as other related business.