Coarse aggregate is a term used in construction to describe a type of material that is commonly used in the production of concrete. It is typically made up of various materials such as gravel, crushed stone, and recycled concrete. The size of the coarse aggregate can vary, but it is typically between 3/8 inch and 1.5 inches in diameter.

Coarse aggregate is an essential component of concrete that provides strength and durability to the structure. It works in combination with cement and fine aggregate to create a strong and durable concrete mixture that can withstand various environmental and physical stresses.

Concrete Mix is produced by many ingredients or components but is mostly made up of a material called Coarse Aggregates and which are one of the essential components of concrete and occupy large volumes in the concrete mix.



  • Aggregate acquires 60-65% volume of concrete.
  • It used to provide a rigid structure to concrete.
  • Aggregate helps in reducing shrinkage and surface cracking of concrete.
  • Coarse aggregate is used in concrete to build megastructures for example different components of a building, bridges, foundations, etc.
  • As high the coarse aggregate size lesser the surface area and therefore it requires lesser binding material (cement), which results in low-cost construction.
  • A mix of coarse and fine aggregate in concrete is used to make it denser, harder, and more durable against atmospheric action.


Aggregate : Coarse
Mud contain : < 3 %
Sand Gradation : 6.30 – 6.90
Specific Gravity SSD : > 2.5 %
Absorption : < 5 %
Density : > 1.3 kg/ltr