PBAC 026 Bactericide is an additive that kills bacteria. Bactericides are commonly used in water muds containing natural starches and gums that are especially vulnerable to bacterial attack. Bactericide choices are limited and care must be taken to find those that are effective yet approved by governments and by company policy.

Bactericides, also called Biocides, can be used to control sulfate-reducing bacteria, slime-forming bacteria, iron-oxidizing bacteria and bacteria that attacks polymers in fracture and secondary recovery fluids and etc. In polymers, the degradation of the fluid is controlled, thus avoiding the formation of a large biomass, which could plug the formation and reduce permeability.



  • Prevent spoilage of organic colloids
  • Control sulfate reducing bacteria.
  • Control total bacteria content
  • Effective in controlling all forms of bacteria, including the sulfate reducing type which is particularly detrimental in fresh and brine-water drilling and packer fluids. Recommended treatment is 5 gallons per 100 barrels



Appearance : Colorless liquid
pH : 3.2 – 4.2
Sp.Gr @25◦C (g/ml) : 1.13
Viscosity @ 25◦C (Cps) : ≤ 50 Cps
Pour Point◦C : approx. -27
Solubility in Water : Completely Soluble