PSOLV 042 Mutual Solvent is a chemical additive for stimulation treatments that is soluble in oil, water and acid-based treatment fluids. Mutual solvents are routinely used in a range of applications, such as removing heavy hydrocarbon deposits, controlling the wettability of contact surfaces before, during or after a treatment, and preventing or breaking emulsions. A commonly used mutual solvent is ethylene glycol monobutyl ether, generally known as EGMBE.

PSOLV 042 Mutual Solvent may also be used within a spacer formulations to remove the oil film left on both the formation and metals in the well so that cement will bond to both the metal tubulars and the formation during a cementing operation. The mutual solvent may also be used after an acid treatment of the well to facilitate the removal of the spent acid from the producing formation. Additionally an oil or gas well may produce asphaltic or paraffinic hydrocarbons that tend to accumulate on the walls, casing, tubing, etc. of the well or drilling equipment. In addition, deposits of acid-soluble material, such as calcium carbonate, may accumulate slowing production. Before such deposits can be removed from the well a solvent is required that will strip off the asphaltenic or paraffinic hydrocarbons that tends to accumulate on such acid-soluble material.



  • It is an active component of fracturing fluids, drilling stabilizers and oil slick dispersants
  • Stimulation treatments that is soluble in oil, water and acid-based treatment fluids
  • Controlling the wettability of contact surfaces



Appearance : Colorless liquid
Density : 0.902
Boiling point : 171°C to 173°C
Ignition temperature : 244 °C
Solubility in Water : Miscible