PASA 015 is treated sodium montmorillonite, is a finely ground, premium-grade western sodium bentonite which meets API Specification 13 A, section 9 requirements.
BENTONITE provides viscosity characteris.

Hydrates more than other types of clays, and is therefore best for viscosity and filtration control. Small size and flat shape of hydrated particles provides fluid loss control and promotes the formation of thin and pressible filter cakes an the borehole.

Note : There are no limitations in usage of PASA 015. However, in salty and hard water, the performance of it will be reduced due to restricted hydration



  • Viscosity anionic water-based drilling fluids.
  • Reduce water seepage or filtration into permeable formations.
  • Form a thin filter cake with low permeability.
  • Promote hole stability in poorly consolidated formations.
  • Offer excellent free water control and outstanding solids suspention
  • Thixotropic slurry properties can better seal¬†formation fractures



Appearance : Brown to Grayish
Solid Powder
Typical temperature range : 60 to 200 oF BHCT
Typical density range : 11.5 to 14.5 ppg
Typical concentration range : 2 to 16 % BWOC
Specific Gravity : 2,5
Bulk Density : 50 – 60 lb/ft3
pH : Neutral