PINH 030 Corrosion Inhibitor MT is a formulated sulfite-based chemical in liquid form used to scavenge oxygen. It reacts with and eliminates dissolved oxygen as a possible source of corrosion in drilling mud systems. Corrosion Inhibitor can be used in all freshwater and saltwater drilling fluids containing dissolved oxygen.



  • Eliminates corrosion due to dissolved oxygen.
  • Reduces the possibility of drill pipe failure such as twist-offs, washout and rig equipment maintenance cost.
  • Increases the life of pump valves, seats and liners.
  • Extends the life of drill string, casing strings and production tubing.
  • Corrosion Inhibitor is a stable liquid and does not deteriorate when exposed to theatmosphere for extended periods of time.
  • Higher concentrations of excess SO – can be achieved with the undiluted
    liquid material.


  • Inject PINH 030 at controlled rates directly into the pump section.
  • Injection rate is dependent upon the oxygen content and mud circulation rate.
  • Typical injection rates can be 1 to 2 1/2 gal/hr. Exact injection rates must be regulated by monitoring (at the flowline) excess sulfite concentration in the mud system.
  • To assure the complete removal of dissolved oxygen, maintain in excess sulfite (SO3) content in the drilling fluid of 100-300 ppm, depending upon conditions.
  • For drilling fluids made up with extremely hard water, increase the concentration of excess sulfite to 300 ppm level.