PSLT 018 is a Potassium Chloride with high-purity, dry crystalline inorganic salt used to form clear brine used in workover and completion operations which require densities ranging from 8.4 to 9.7 lb/gal.



  • Used as a source of potassium ions. These ions, being non hydrated and of the right size compete strongly for the interlayer sites of swelling clay minerals such as montmorillonite and illite, and drive out most of the naturally occurring calcium and sodium ions. This converts the swelling clays into more stable pseudo mica-type structures, thus stabilizing the so called “gumbo” shales.
  • In the mixed salt mud, excess Potassium Chloride, KCL is used to prevent the solution of naturally occurring potassium salts such as sylvite and carnallite which are found in complex evaporate.



Appearance : White crystalline solid
Typical temperature range : 40 to 100 oF BHCT
Typical brine density range : 8.4 to 9.7 ppg
Typical concentration range : 40.0 ppb or Higher
Specific Gravity : 1,99
Packaging : 50 kg/sacks