PSOLV 041 is a Paraffin Solvent that will efficiently and completely remove the buildup of waxy substances in crude oil. It is essential to remove paraffin from crude oil wells, as these deposits can cause costly issues which can devastate oil production.

Paraffin wax is a component of crude oil that builds up and has drastic negative effects on oil production and refineries. These paraffin are alkanes with a high molecular weight which have a choking effect on crude oil wells. Over time, these build-ups of deposits cause a decrease in production capacity and ability.



  • Reduces dosage rates.
  • Eliminates the requirements for separate water clarifier applications.
  • Improves oil removal from disposal water, allowing oil to be sold and water to be reused.
  • Decreases workover costs and associated filter changeouts on injection wells.
  • Reduces oil-in-water disposal by 50 to 98.



Appearance : Clear to pale yellow liquid
Freezing Point : 29 degree C
Flash Point : 21-27 degree C
PH (neat) : 8.0-9.0